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27 Movies you Might Enjoy

Maybe like me, you have bought/rented what you thought was a


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great movie, only to find it full of cursing, nudity or other stuff that left your conscience violated. Several times, I have had to eject the movie and throw it in the trash. My friend tells me she has gone through that as well, but actually breaks the DVD before throwing it in the trash can. This ensures she does not retrieve the movie and play it again.

Having gone through that several times, I now make a point of checking a movie’s rating before I buy it. I also don’t go to the movies before I check out the movie. As a Christian, it is important what we allow ourselves to behold and listen to. Someone challenged – if you would not peer into a couple’s bedroom as they had sex, why would you watch it on your screen? Additionally, if you want to stay pure, why would you allow your eyes and ears to consume what is not pure? Last but not least – is the Holy Spirit who resides in you enjoying the movie?

I have come up with a list of movies that I found entertaining and clean. Check them out if you haven’t already. Read the rest of this entry