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Update: On a beautiful Sunny day on July 13 2019 – I married the love of my life- one handsome Eddy Ouma Onyango. I will be updating this blog with chronicles of our dating, engagement and first weeks of marriage. Look out for it. Blessings!

Hi there, my name is Esther Kimani. I am a 38 year old single woman. I live in Nairobi, Kenya. Welcome to my blog, my journey of growth into Christlikeness where I will openly share my lessons, mistakes and victories. I am open in my writing because I do not relate to perfection…

I love Jesus more than anything and anyone. He is my best friend, my constant companion. I truly cannot imagine life without Him. He brings me such joy simply by being in my life. My life begins and ends with Him and I only want to please Him. Now, that was not always the case! It has been a journey of surrender and the journey continues. It is in daily laying down my life in order that He may live. Oh, that is so rewarding. I would not have it any other way.

I am passionate about singles walking in wholeness in order to fulfill their God-given callings. My life message is that Jesus fulfills more than any of His gifts whether riches, or families or relationships or whatever gifts we seek from him. My message is that we were created to know Him and follow Him wherever He leads, not seeking to save our lives but laying them down that His life may be revealed. My message is that one day King Jesus will come back to earth and at that moment, the only thing that will count is our relationship with Him. I also enjoy authentic, healthy wholesome relationships that lead to mutual edification.

  • I come from a large family of six children. My 11 (yes, 11) nieces and nephews have absolutely stolen my heart.
  • I do love other things – such as a cup of coffee early in the morning and a second one around mid morning.
  • I also love books that draw me closer to my Creator and thrill me – books such as The Human Temple by Ernest Wamboye; and The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom.
  • I am scared of mice, roaches and anything that crawls.

I pray that the Lord would speak to you through the writings on this blog. You can reach me on email –




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