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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Just a Little Cat Story

If you are not a cat lover, just indulge me any way. You might learn a thing or two 🙂

Thursday: It was a strange sound – like a bird- a strange bird with a weird and loud cry. I heard it aa soon as I pulled up at our office parking.  I get out of my car and go to investigate. The cry is coming from somewhere near the car next to mine. I squat and look under the hood. There is the most pitiful kitten I have seen in a long time. She looks scared but not hurt.  My cat lover instincts immediately kick in. I go to the office and came back with some milk. She will not feed. So I put her under my car, hoping her mother will come for her. Around 3pm, there are thunderstorms. It is going to rain. I go to the parking lot. There she is, sound asleep under my car. I pick her up and feed her some  milk. Then I put her inside my car. Read the rest of this entry


Stop Waiting to be Happy

Thank you for this