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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Running from Ran

run-away-posterThe last thing I was looking for that Friday afternoon was a crush or a temptation. I had gone to the mall during my lunch hour hoping to find some items on sale.

He stepped right across my path and the next thing I knew, and without giving me time to respond to his “do you mind?” he was holding my hand and removing the nail polish from my thumb, and swiftly and charmingly telling me about his nail products, which he said were from the Sea of Galilee. Then, like a skilled craftsman, he buffed my nail, and then used a different tool to buff my nail again until it shone and gleamed, all the while explaining to me how amazing the products were. But I was hardly listening. I was mainly captivated by his handsome dark looks. I was positive that he too, similar to the products, resided near the Sea of Galilee. I was standing face to face with one of the groups that have always fascinated me; God’s covenant people, the Jews. But I needed to confirm. Read the rest of this entry