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Monthly Archives: November 2015

27 Movies you Might Enjoy

Maybe like me, you have bought/rented what you thought was a


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great movie, only to find it full of cursing, nudity or other stuff that left your conscience violated. Several times, I have had to eject the movie and throw it in the trash. My friend tells me she has gone through that as well, but actually breaks the DVD before throwing it in the trash can. This ensures she does not retrieve the movie and play it again.

Having gone through that several times, I now make a point of checking a movie’s rating before I buy it. I also don’t go to the movies before I check out the movie. As a Christian, it is important what we allow ourselves to behold and listen to. Someone challenged – if you would not peer into a couple’s bedroom as they had sex, why would you watch it on your screen? Additionally, if you want to stay pure, why would you allow your eyes and ears to consume what is not pure? Last but not least – is the Holy Spirit who resides in you enjoying the movie?

I have come up with a list of movies that I found entertaining and clean. Check them out if you haven’t already. Read the rest of this entry


Disappointed by a Prospective Relationship

This post addresses near-budding relationships that don’t take off.


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I have often been amazed at how two people can share the same experience, but have different perspectives. Same preacher – one person was blessed… the other one received nothing. Same meal – one person enjoys it, one cannot take a second bite. Same song – for one person it’s on repeat; the other person cannot stand it. Same piece of art – one sees creativity; one sees child play. One meeting between a man and a woman – one foresees a budding romantic friendship; the other has zero desire to go in that direction. Read the rest of this entry




The other day I was just at home, as broke as I don’t know what. It’s been days now that everyday after showering I take the nivea roll on bottle and shake it even more than the guy who sells soup outside local butcheries or the “mutura” joints before serving his customers. This is more like squeezing toothpaste from a tube that is already finished. “It has been like three days now that I have been doing this! I think I should dispose the bottle,” I said that to myself. “Will I even get another one? Will I even hug people? Just the thought of not putting on the roll on…the sweat, the smell, will I make it through this month and it’s barely 17 days after it began?” I questioned myself. I had three bottles of nivea with me. All of them were empty. I couldn’t believe that they…

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